Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reason # 5 of 7 - Why Now is the Best Time EVER to Buy a Home!



Hey, look…it rhymes… supply now exceeds demand and buyers have the upper hand!  You’ve heard the term “buyers market” over and again.  What does this mean?  A balanced market in real estate is one where there is approximately 6 months of home supply.  (Which means it would take 6 months to sell off everything without adding another new listing.)


REASON #5 – Sellers are motivated!


Since we are really out of balance these days with 11 months of single-family supply (13 months of condo/townhomes), sellers are more committed than ever to doing what it takes to sell their homes.  I mean – who would be selling right now unless they had to, right?  So what does this mean for a buyer?


  1. Lots of choices
  2. Lots of negotiating power
  3. Smart sellers fiercely competing by offering great prices and excellent condition


However, the trend has been moving steadily back to a seller’s market as inventory continues to burn off.  Today’s motivated buyers need to act now, rather than seeing the buyer’s market in their rearview mirrors.  Wouldn’t you rather buy when there are lots of homes to choose from…or fewer?  The time to buy is NOW if you want to choose the home of your dreams from the best selection you are ever going to get. I guarantee that in the not so distant future, you will have fewer homes to choose from.  I don’t know exactly when that day will come…do YOU?


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