Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reason # 4 of 7 - Why Now is the Best Time EVER to Buy a Home!

You’ve heard the old saying “what goes up must come down.”  Well…it works both ways in real estate, and that is why we are described as a cyclical business. 


REASON # 4 – Prices are trending back UP!


Every major price index is pointing to a housing market that has just about hit bottom and is moving in a positive direction.  In Atlanta, we actually saw a relative flattening of median sales price in the 4th quarter of 2010 over 2009.  After 30 months of declining values, home prices appear to be stabilizing in nearly every U.S. market – and we will certainly participate here if inventory levels continue burning off at a steady pace.


Do you realize that prices are never static?  They weren’t in ’03 and ’05 when they were appreciating at a dizzying pace, and they are not static today.  The reality of it all is that you only have two opportunities to buy; when prices are rising or when they are falling.  If you wait any longer to buy, you might only get to buy while they are going back up!


Would you rather negotiate “the right deal” in a falling market or a rising one?  Sitting on the fence and waiting for prices to drop further is OVER!  Don’t be the one to watch the market in the rear view mirror and wish you had acted.  Call me today to find out what’s available in the area you have been watching.

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