Friday, March 30, 2012

Another incredible pre-listing transformation!

By now, every homeowner in America has probably either glued themselves to an all-day HGTV marathon -- or at the very minimum, watched several episodes of (sic) "Design This Mess" or "Get My Home Ready For Sale Because I Can't Do It By Myself." Having been the second realtor brought in on many home sale opportunities to sell the unsellable, I have walked in on every permutation of lack luster home positioning imaginable. In addition to incorrect pricing by the agent, this invariably contributed to these homes sitting stale on the market for weeks or months on end. If you follow my social media, you know that I am a HUGE fan of professional staging. In fact, I will not spend the money on professional photography or fancy agent luncheons until I know for certain the home has passed muster with my staging team.

Even though I am probably more proficient than most realtors at knowing what looks good and what does not from a design perspective, the trained eye of a professional stager (like Jeanne Westmoreland of Classic Staging) lends a dimension of discovery that I've found to be of great value. These folks can help the homeowner rise above their predilection over what they chose for their home initially to find the aesthetic that will appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyer possible.

Here's my latest project with Classic Staging in Morningside/Virginia Highland:

Now... in the homeowner's defense, they were clearly packing for the listing period.

Remarkable what a new stainless fridge will do for a kitchen! Does your realtor use photos like the one on the left or hire professionals? (Would you use Polaroids of your baby to impress other parents? Probably not.)

Jeanne convinced me once to use this color "Black Bean" on dated white bathroom cabinets. I love it!!! And combine with St. Cecilia granite on counters to create an updated and widely appealing final product.

Clearly this is the most dramatic shot. I was at a BBQ once when I asked what they had done to their deck. Pressure washing! Charlie Moss is my general contractor and does a fantastic job with all pre-listing renovation aspects.

Make that outdoor space more inviting -- it's an extension of the home, not just a porch.

Folks, this market is hot for buyers right now. And you only have one chance to grab mindshare! For more ideas on getting that home ready for a speedy spring sale, call me today at 404-307-7334 or visit me on the web at

Friday, March 16, 2012

UPDATE: Homes for sale in Virginia Highland

Folks... there are definitely NOT enough homes for buyers to look at in Virginia Highland. Did I just say that? Why yes -- I did. And as much as it surprised me, my buyers have found that they quickly ran out of suitable inventory to look at between $400,000 - $800,000. The market has done such a great job absorbing (ie. selling off) existing inventory that we are now at near normal levels. That makes sellers happy, but buyers are accustomed to having tons to look at before making a decision.

If you are even remotely considering moving up (or moving on), please give me a call today! I can promise you a handful of prospective buyers to see your home before it is even listed.

For a complete look at all homes for sale in Virginia Highland.