Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming soon!!! 100 year old estate home in Ansley Park

41 Barksdale Drive

Offered exclusively by J.D. Kellum + Associates, this Ansley Park home is one of the oldest homes in Ansley Park, believed to be built circa 1904 by a prominent attorney named Edgar Adams Neely, Sr. Mr. Neely built the house for his wife Emily and their three children. According to a book called "Genes of Ambition" that was written by Levering Neely, the home originally had gas lighting, a maid's house in the back (which is still there), a small barn for a pony, a garage, and a chicken house. The three children reportedly slept in the upstairs screened porch throughout the summer. The Neelys were big entertainers and hosted many musicals, which often involved their Steinway grand piano. The Neely's enjoyed the home for about 40 years, and then sold it to the current owners. The home has only had two owners and is located on a highly desirable lot overlooking "the Hollow" (now called Winn Park). Behind the unassuming facade are grand-sized rooms with hardwood floors, elevator, beautifully detailed moldings, grand staircase, tall ceilings, and fireplace.

This prestigious address will be highly sought-after by builders and renovators and likely to be sold before listing. For pre-market preview tours and pricing, please call me at (404)604-3148.

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