Monday, October 24, 2011

Another one DOESN'T bite the dust!!

Working diligently through the various hurdles of approval process, J.D. Kellum + Associates has been successful in stopping yet another senseless foreclosure in Atlanta's challenged condominium market. The sale of the Metropolis condo came after Kellum's team followed the FHA (Federal Housing Authority) "Pre-Foreclosure Sale" program guidelines. Within this structure, eligible homeowners are able to obtain approval to participate in a short sale prior to actually listing the property. This pre-approval allows the process to be streamlined and much better suited to today's home buyers, who have grown weary of long and uncertain short sale approvals.

The seller, a renown international photographer, desired to relocate his business to Miami out of need to better accommodate his demanding clientele. Since the waiting list for gaining leasing status was more than a year, the seller determined that short sale was the only alternative to selling the property without allowing it to go to foreclosure. In need of a real estate professional with significant experience in helping demonstrate "hardship" for the purpose of short sale, he selected J.D. Kellum + Associates -- a team with proven results in working with lenders and homeowners to find suitable alternatives for distressed properties.

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