Thursday, September 16, 2010

So many MUCH time?

Sounds strange, but the average condo buyer in Midtown is finding they have too many "deals" to choose from these days. The market is literally flooded with short sales and foreclosures -- a lagging indicator of the economic crisis that began not too long ago. So where does this leave the buying community? In need need of a professional who can help navigate through the sea of listings that will likely never get approved by short sale lenders or mired down in making offers with unresponsive foreclosure listing agents. CondoMidtown is here to help, since we are certified in distressed property sales to better assist you in not wasting time...even when time is on your side! Call today for a free comparison of foreclosure vs. short sale in the buying process.

(404) 307-7334 J.D. Kellum - Sales Director.

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