Monday, June 7, 2010

"Sidelined Sellers" coming back to the game

So you thought you would "wait it out" and see where the market goes before selling your home?  Didn't want to compete against the short sales and foreclosures, so you sat back for just the right time?  Well, apparently untold millions of your likeminded compadres were thinking the same thing!  Looks like we will be getting ready for yet another form of inventory labeled "sidelined sellers" by the folks at Zillow.  These are homeowne who decided for a variety of reasons to do nothing because nothing was moving in their neighborhoods.  So... as quickly as we Realtors try and burn off excess housing build-up, economists are already predicting that this newest form of "shadow inventory" will work to keep housing prices pretty flat -- and we're talking about 3-5 years.  Was it worth the wait?  Call me today and I will share with you how to sell your home for 98% of asking price in 28 days!!!!

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